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Academic Publications


2020                Redlining Culture: A Data History of Racial Inequality and Postwar Fiction. Columbia University Press.

                        New York Times Op-ed: "Just How White is the Book Industry"

                        The Nation, interview

                        ASAP Journal “Books in Conversation,” feature

                        New Books Network, interview

                        Excerpt from Introduction in Lithub: "The Inertia of Whiteness in the World of Postwar Publishing"


2016                Transpacific Community: America, China, and the Rise and Fall of a Cultural Network. Columbia University Press.    

                        Awards: Modernist Studies Association, First Book Prize: Finalist

                        Reviewed in Los Angeles Book Review (LARB), American Literary History, American Literature, Comparative                                    Literature, Comparative Literary Studies, Frontiers of Chinese Literary Studies, Journal of American-East                                            Asian Relations, Journal of Chinese Overseas, Journal of American History, World History Connected, Chinese                                  Letters, Essays and Reviews (CLEAR), Journal of American Studies, Canadian Review of Comparative Literature

                        Interview: New Books Network, link

                        Read the introduction: link


Journal Articles

2021              "Narrative Theory for Computational Narrative Understanding." With David Bamman and Andrew Piper. Proceedings                         of the 2021 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP). 

2021              "Can We Map Culture?" With Ted Underwood, Journal of Cultural Analytics, June 2021.

2021              "Contemporary Culture after Data Science," Post-45 and Journal of Cultural Analytics, April 2021.

2020              "Race and Distant Reading." With Edwin Roland. Publication of the Modern Language Association (PMLA), special                          issue on "Varieties of Digital Humanities," January 2020.

2019               "Economics, Race and the US Novel: A Quantitative History." With Dan Sinykin and Jessica Young. American                                     Literary History (ALH), special issue on "Economics and Literature," October 2019.

2019                "Race, Writing, and Computation: Racial Difference and the US Novel, 1880-2000." With Hoyt Long and Yuancheng                           Zhu. The Journal of Cultural Analytics, January 11, 2019.


2017                “All Models are Wrong: A Response to Franco Moretti,” Publication of the Modern Language Association (PMLA).                              October 2017.


2017                “The Invention of the Global MFA: Taiwanese Writers at Iowa, 1963-1979.” American Literary History (ALH). Fall                                  2017. Volume 29, Volume 3.

2016                “Turbulent Flow: A Computational Model of World Literature.” With Hoyt Long. Modern Language Quarterly. Volume                           77, Number 3, pp. 345-367.

2016                “Literary Pattern Recognition: Modernism Between Close Reading and Machine Learning.” With Hoyt Long. Critical                           Inquiry. Winter 2016. Volume 42, Number 2, pp. 235-267.

2013                “Literary Information Warfare: Eileen Chang, the State Department, and Cold War Media Aesthetics.” American                                  Literature. December 2013. Volume 85, Number 4, pp. 719-744.

2013                “Network Analysis and the Sociology of Modernism.” With Hoyt Long. Boundary 2. Summer 2013, Volume 40,                                    Number 2, pp. 147-182.

2010                “Fictions of Natural Democracy: Pearl Buck, The Good Earth, and the Asian American Subject.” Representations,                              Fall 2010, Volume 112, pp. 87-111.

2010                “Collaboration and Translation: Lin Yutang and the Archive of Asian American Fiction.” Modern Fiction Studies,                                  Spring 2010, Volume 56, Number 1, pp. 40-62.

2008                “Chinese Exclusion Fiction and Global Histories of Race: HT Tsiang and Theodore Dreiser.” Genre, Fall 2008,                                    Volume 39, Number 4, pp. 1-25

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